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Friday, August 10, 2012

Miles Turns 4!

On July 21st Miles had his fourth birthday! I cannot believe it's been four whole years since he was born. Although he was my biggest baby, his birth was definitely the easiest. I basically laid in the bed watching TV, then three pushes later, he was here! The nurses told me his birthday would probably be the 22nd but he hurried up and was born at 11:58 pm. He is the sweetest little boy, he is always telling me he loves me and giving me kisses. He is the best to snuggle with because he's so squishy! He loves super heroes and Ninja Turtles, whenever we walk by a sewer grate he gets down and yells, Hi Ninja Turtles! He is very smart and is starting to read. He has the most amazing memory, he remembers everything! I was helping him out of the grocery cart one day and he said "that's one small step for Miles, one giant leap for mankind!" he remembered that from a book we read months ago! I love my goofy little guy.

This year for his birthday activity he chose to go to breakfast at Amber's and to the dinosaur museum. We had such a fun family day, the kids loved the museum. They had an especially good time with the hands on stuff like the erosion table and the sand pit where they dug for bones. That night we had some family over for cake and ice cream. I have to give props to my brother Charles and sister-in-law Trish, who knew a whoopee cushion would be the perfect gift for a four year old?  He seriously loved it and the laughter that ensued after each fart noise was hilarious. James got him some Tranformers and I attempted a Transformer cake. Now I have to study the instructions to figure out how to transform the Transformers, it's really hard. I'm pretty sure he had a great birthday!

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