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Friday, October 19, 2012

First Day of School

It has been way too long since I have updated the blog! I am going to attempt to catch up! First big event: School Starts! If you read this blog you know all about my issues with sending my babies off to school. This is mostly about me losing them. I am a full time mom and when someone else is doing the parenting for several hours of the day, it is well, weird. With that said, I did much better with sending them off this year. Savanna had a really great kindergarten experience, and so did I. I loved her teacher and really loved being able to be involved. I also really loved how school added structure and schedule to our day so this year was not so sad for me. Savanna loves school and was very excited to start first grade. First grade come with new changes: she is at school all day, not just half a day, and she eats lunch at school. I lean more towards packing her a lunch. I think the school does their best with lunch but every time Savanna eats school lunch it's chicken nuggets, whats up with that? I enjoy packing her lunch with healthy things I know she will eat. I also really like mornings before school, even though it can be hectic. She had afternoon kindergarten so we would sleep in and waste the morning away before I had to take her to school. I like the whole family getting up early and eating breakfast together, it's been a good thing for our family. So far she has done really well in school, she is on reading level J and the books she brings home are really long! She is making friends and overcoming her shyness a little I think.
Another change this year: Miles started pre-school! He goes to Achiever Preschool, the same one Savanna went to. He loves it! He is so far ahead of where Savanna was when she started so I was kind of worried that he would be bored, but I think for him preschool will be more about learning to follow the rules and socialize with other kids. I hope it will help him to be more independent too, cleaning up on his own, doing his pants up by himself after he goes potty, that kind of thing. He can do these thing, he just won't, stinker. Changes are happening everyday now that my kids are getting older, new things come along and I am learning as I go. I am glad that my kids like school, hopefully we can keep that going for awhile!

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