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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Catching Up: School and My Special Kids

Ahh, my poor neglected blog...oh well! I thought life was so crazy and busy when my kids were babies. That was nothing compared to now! Life just flies by and I honestly don't have enough hours in the day to do everything that needs to be done, let alone blog about it. So, what has happened since my last post? School started: Savanna in 2nd, Miles in Kindergarten, and Avery and I are doing neighborhood preschool with 5 other kids and moms and it is the funnest thing ever. Really, it is so fun planning the little lessons and activities, it's giving me ideas of maybe having some sort of preschool once my kids are grow up and gone and I am so lonely :) Three days after school started Savanna broke her arm, bummer. She fell/leaped of the slide at James' parents house and  landed right on it. It was a crazy experience, usually when our kids are sick or hurt James and I take our time deciding whether or not they need a doctor or medicine or if we should wait it out or whatever. This time was different though, there really wasn't any discussion, we just looked at each other and at Savanna and knew something was up and we took her to the Instacare right away. Her break was really high up on her arm so they didn't cast it, just gave her a immobilizer. This made us nervous because with out it being in a cast it seemed so vulnerable and Savanna is super clumsy, so we kept her home from school for quite awhile, just to be safe. Everything is a-ok now though, she can move it normally and do just about anything she did before. This is the funny thing about my kid though: Savanna is left handed, well mostly. As a baby and toddler she switched back and forth between her right and left hand all the time. As she got nearer to school age, she was using her left hand most often and as she got into school, we considered her left handed. The ironic thing is she broke her left arm, so while it was in the brace, instead of not writing at all, she just started using her right hand. Now she uses both the left and right hands for everything and even switches back and forth when she's doing her homework! And her handwriting looks the same left or right, what a weirdo! Or, to put it in her own words, "There's just something special about me." The kids being in school is so fun and crazy and busy! I feel like all I do is drive back forth between school and home, but it's fun. The kids are getting older, which brings new challenges, new adventures, and new worries. But it's still the bestest job ever!

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  1. It is so great to hear about you all! That is a bummer about Savanna's arm, but pretty cool that she can write with both hands. I also have to say that Avery looks a lit like Savanna now.

    P.S. You should definitely continue to teach preschool. I sure love it!