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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Since The Last Time

Just wanted to post what's been happening in our life since the last time I posted.

We attended Comic Craze, an event put on by our local library. The kids dressed up, played games, had their faces painted, got a balloon animal and made super hero masks. It was really fun and.... Darth Vader smelled like B.O.
Miles started t-ball! He LOVES it. He gets to hang out with his friends and pretend to play baseball, it's awesome! I love watching the games, some nights he is really on, hitting well, playing awesome. Some nights he is making farting noises in the outfield, but he is always smiling and having tons of fun!
My birthday is always the same week as Mother's day and I always get so spoiled. This year James got me patio furniture and a wonderful patio swing. I have wanted one for a long time and I love relaxing in the yard watching the kids play. Thank you James!
School ended and Miles graduated from Kindergarten. On to bigger and better things!

On the last day of school we had a last day of school party! It was really, really fun. I didn't get any pictures but just imagine about 57 kids all crammed into our tiny inflatable pool eating root beer floats. The next day we went to the splash pad for the first time this year. Hooray for summer!

The first two weeks of summer included running back and forth to friends houses, t-ball games, bike shows, and a trip to the pool. Here's to much more fun to come!

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