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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Happy 6th Birthday Miles!

Miles turned 6 this year! I just love this dude. He is super easy going, finds tons of joy in everything he does,  a good brother, and definitely dad's best buddy.  Celebrating his birthday is always so fun because he gets so excited about everything! For example:

I managed to snap this picture when he opened his present from James. A Lego set that he has been asking for since Christmas. We had a Lego birthday party for him. Really it was just the cake that was Lego themed, for the rest of the party 10 six year old boys ran around the back yard screaming and getting wet.
On his actual birthday we had swimming lessons in the morning then went to get doughnuts at the doughnut factory, aka Krispy Kreme. That night we went to dinner as a family and opened presents. He had so much fun! Happy Birthday buddy!

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