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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Summer Break: One week in.

Summer is here! The kids and I had been counting down for weeks and now it is upon us!
Last Day of School 2016

The first week was full of busy fun. On Memorial Day we went to the gym to workout together as a family. The night before we talked with the kids and told them how it could be a great family bonding time, doing hard things together. They didn't seem too interested and grumbled all the way to bed. In the morning though, they surprised us and were little super heroes! They did the whole thing without any grumbling and finished sweaty and happy, it was awesome.

We praised them all the way home and talked about how important it is to keep our bodies and minds healthy and strong. Then we ate ice cream and oreo's so....balance. The rest of the week we played and swam and tried to learn how to sleep in.
The weekend began with our nephew's baptism and the kids first Muay Thai belt promotion. Brendan was baptized by his brother who just turned 16 last month. It was a great experience, especially for Miles because he will be baptized in August!

After the baptism we headed over to the belt promotion. It was so fun and amazing. I am so proud of my kids! I can't believe how far they have come over the last 6 months. There have been so many positive things that have come out of being a part of this Muay Thai program. My kids have gained the confidence to know that if they work hard at something, it will pay off. The biggest change has been with Savanna. She is such a shy and introverted person and after her first class she said she didn't like it and didn't know if she wanted to keep going. But she did keep going and now she loves it! My favorite part is watching the big smile on her face all through class. She has come out of her shell so much, her self-esteem has grown and the terrible anxiety she has struggled with has gotten so much better. It has been so good for all of them and I love being there watching them work so hard, they have motivated me to work harder and have the courage to try new things.

So that's it, first week of summer is in the books! I really do love summer and having my kids home with me, I am so lucky to be their mom. I'm looking forward 11 more hot and crazy weeks with them!

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