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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

4th of July 2016!

Do you ever have a day where everything goes so great and you feel so good and have so much fun and when it's over you don't want to fall asleep and do tomorrow you just want to keep doing that day again and again? Yeah, it doesn't happen very often so, when it does, you blog about it!
We had a very wonderful 4th of July this year! It was a fun filled family day and I will tell you about it now:

I made James get up and work out with me first thing in the morning. I knew how many treats I was planning on eating that day and I figured a morning work out would do me good. Yes, I realize that I would have to spend 17 and a half hours on that thing to burn all the donuts I ate, but still, it felt good.

After the gym we got our traditional donut breakfast and headed to the park. We got donuts at Reams bakery and holy cow they were gooood. They had root beer fritters you guys! And Nutella raspberry filled donuts! I know I have been talking about donuts a lot, so, let me explain. We have had a family tradition of donuts in the park for breakfast on the 4th of July since Savanna was a baby. Actually, a Saturday morning donut run was pretty common place in our house until we realize our old and worn out metabolisms weren't doing us any favors anymore and we had to stop stuffing down that sugar and fat before we got enormous. The donut runs have ended and last year we skipped the 4th of July donut breakfast all together! So, this year it was a very special treat to have donuts for breakfast and it was a really big deal ok? Moving on. We went to Jolleys Ranch up Springville canyon to eat and play. We love this park, its only about 10 mins from our house and it is really beautiful. 

After the park we went swimming! We are living in a condo while we build our new house and the very best part is the pool! We are there a lot, the girls' hair is turning green and everything. We always have a really good time swimming together!
After the pool we had lunch at home then went to the theater to see Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2, Out of the Shadows! James has successfully converted his wife and children into super-mega Ninja Turtle nerds so, it was AWESOME!

We ended the night at James' parents house. The kids fed the horses and played with their cousins. We had a delicious feast and set off fireworks. This was truly a magical day!


  1. oh! I looks so fun! I love days like that. I've never been to Jolly's Ranch. Are there trails up there?

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