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Thursday, October 6, 2011

When It Rains It Pours...And Then Snows

Why is it that this expression is so true? Doesn't it always happen like that? One thing goes wrong then a hundred come behind it? This seems to be our life lately. One thing after another. James has had so much stress at work with one job on top of another, he barely gets any sleep. My Aunt passed away. I had to go to the Emergency Room with an injured arm. The fuel pump in the truck went out. James cut his arm at work,but thankfully our nurse neighbor came and sealed up the cut so we didn't have to go the ER again. Our lovely tenant in Orem is, well, GRRR! Miles got lost at James' brothers wedding (we found him). I have had a cold for hmm, about a month. It's SNOWING! And to top it all off my Netflix Instant Streaming to my TV won't work! Ok, so maybe if you piece it all apart, it's not so much. However, considering the fact that all of this happened in a weeks time, it's tough. That's why I'm sitting here blogging and eating a huge piece of leftover wedding cake. At least the sun came out for the wedding, it really was beautiful. Everyone looked so nice dressed up. By the end of the night Miles' tux looked as though it had been to war and all three of them were covered in cake, but this picture was taken before all that. Even though things get tough and stay tough sometimes I am grateful for what I have, my husband and my three cuties.

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  1. I swear that is always how it really is one thing after another after another...gah. Hope your doing better. At least the weather has been nice this week. We should go to the park or something :) Text me! XOXO