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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Savanna's Sixth

Last year after Savanna's birthday she told me "Mom, I am so excited because next year I will be six!" I started to correct her, "No dear, you will only be five. Wait. You will be six!" Six seems sooo old! My babies are growing up so fast I can't believe it! We are having fun though. With the kids getting older it is much easier to go out and do things and we are getting much more sleep! Savanna is loving kindergarten and is a star student. She just advanced to reading level H, which is just about where kids should be at the end of first grade, I am so proud of her! She brings her readers home every night and it's exciting to hear her read a book she has never read before, she is learning new words everyday and really reading, not just reciting memorized stories. She is the most creative kid I know. I have stacks and stacks of cards and pictures she has made me. Her Aunt Bubbas gave her a huge pack of scrapbook paper and stickers and pens and glue and markers and she spends most of her time making creations. She is my big helper and is always fetching things for me and entertaining Miles and Avery. She is a very good big sister. When she started school her classmates started losing teeth and she would come home and tell me all about it. One day I told her we should check her mouth to see if she had any loose ones yet. She told me "I don't mom, I check all my teeth every night and none of them are loose." Eventually she came to the conclusion that she would have a loose tooth when she turned six. The morning after her birthday she came into our bedroom and announced her first loose tooth! She is so excited to lose it and have a visit from the tooth fairy!
After Miles' pirate party last year I decided that we would do birthday parties every other year and when we didn't have a party they could choose a family activity. Savanna chose to go bowling! It was so fun, all the kids really liked it and were good the whole time. Avery even packed around a ball and rolled it down the lane. Miles kept intentionally pushing the ball down the gutter but it didn't matter because he ended up winning the game! After bowling we came home for cake and ice cream and presents. I had taken Savanna shopping for clothes a couple of days before and she got Hello Kitty slippers and undies on her birthday. It was a great day!

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