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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Now Thats Romantic

Valentines day began with my sweet Savanna bringing James and I cards she made while we were still in bed. I gave the kids their valentines, heart shaped suckers and a box of conversation hearts. They were so excited to have a treat and we all sat in our bed eating treats and saying "Happy Valentines Day!" and "I love you!" over and over again. I'm planning on making heart shaped grilled cheese for lunch and going to Savanna's school to help with the Valentine's party. Sounds like a fun day to me!
I wanted to mention how romantic my wonderful husband is. This year I did not get 3 dozen roses or perfume or jewelry as was typical when we were dating. This year and for the past 6 years now I have gotten the gift of being a stay at home mom. Being able to raise my children myself, not having to carry the financial burden of supporting them. I have a warm, comfortable home, a nice dependable car, all the food and clothes I need. I have kitchen cabinets, tile floors, pretty furniture, all that James built. My children have all those things too, plus so much more. James spent all day everyday for almost three weeks finishing our basement. I have a gorgeous, comfortable family room that we can all enjoy together. I have an extremely good life and a wonderful man to share it with. He is my best friend and an awesome father. All those things he does for me and our kids are the most romantic thing I could ever think of, I love you James!

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