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Monday, February 20, 2012

Butt Munch Birthday!

Ok, so I really did hesitate when deciding what to title this post. Butt Munch? How wildly inappropriate! However rude it may be, it's a befitting title. Despite my efforts to be a good mother and shield my children from the awful things of this world, Avery loves Sponge Bob Squarepants. It all started when I went out somewhere leaving the kids with James and it was discovered that all the seasons of Sponge Bob are on Netflix. For whatever reason, Avery fell in love! The inappropriate part is the way she says Sponge Bob: Butt Munch. I don't know why, that doesn't really sound anything like Sponge Bob but that's how it sounds coming out of her mouth, Butt Munch! So for her 2nd birthday we had a party, Butt Munch style. I made the cake and was pretty proud, it started out looking like Bart Simpson but with a little more work, we had a Butt Munch cake. Grandma gave her the Butt Munch t-shirt and stuffed doll. Auntie Trish made her a very snugly Butt Munch blanket, Ave's two favorite things: Butt Munch and manky's. She had Butt Munch balloons and plates, got a Butt Munch DVD and was soooo happy! We also had a birthday dinner at Nana's (I didn't get any pictures) where she got Butt Munch pj's! She also got spoiled rotten by her cousins and Aunts and Uncles, the family was very generous, Thank You! It makes me very sad that my baby is 2. She is such a sweetie, loves to snuggle and hug and say I love you. She is so smart and talks up a storm. She has a very loud voice when she needs to be heard above the din of her big brother and sister. She's a bit demanding and possessive, MINE!! But she is so much fun and at such a fun age. HAPPY BIRTHDAY V! Challenge: count how many times I typed Butt Munch!

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  1. Now I wish I had asked her in nursery what she got for her birthday, then we could've had the whole room talking about Butt Munch!!