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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Thought I Should Update

So... remember back in January when I wrote about keeping up with the blog more and blah blah blah? Ooops. Well lets see, what has been a happening since April 13? We did some work on our back yard, we ripped out the deck and put in a patio. We had this huge, ugly deck. It was old and not built very well and instead of railing it had a full on solid fence around it. Whatever the builder was planning on using the deck for required a lot of privacy. Anyway, the fence was slowly falling down and I was sure this would be the summer it would come crashing down with some kid on top or underneath it. So we got rid of it and I enjoy the nice little patio much better. We also got a new bed!  After a particularly rough night of James and I trying to avoid the springs jabbing us in the back, we went mattress shopping. We decided to upgrade to a king size but the gorgeous bed James made us when we got married is only a queen. I did not want to give up that bed so James just re-built it to fit the king mattress. Yay for me, he is the man!

Miles and Savanna both had their spring school programs. Miles was so cute, smiling the whole time and he got to sit next to this girl that he was always talking about. They whispered and giggled all the way through. Savanna was also cute but I didn't see much of her program because about 5 minutes before it started Avery barfed all over us, lame.
We went on a little camping trip out to the west desert. There was barf there too, Miles, in the middle of the night, in the tent, gross. But the next morning he felt better and we took the Jeep on Rattlesnake trail and all around out there, it was fun!
Jeeping with my girls.  

Front seat Jeeping.  

School ended, yay! We had a great Memorial Day weekend spending time at Provo River Falls and at Jordanelle with my Uncle, Aunt, and cousins!
My little castaways.

Bogus dude.
This past weekend James entered his motorcycle in the Rat Fink Reunion car show in Manti. James has been custom building this bike for over four years and it is so exciting now that it is finished! The car show was really fun and James was the happiest boy ever! He won an artist choice award and got to meet a lot of people who share his interest in custom building cool things. I was so happy that he got to see people admire the bike and all his hard work, and there were a ton of admirers .
See, he is the man.

We are a bike show family now!   

Summer is finally here and I am excited! I love having my kids home, playing and swimming and being crazy!  I am so blessed!

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