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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A Beautiful Experience

On Saturday, February first, Savanna was baptized. My oldest child being baptized was such and incredible experience for me. It was a beautiful day! We had family and friends there to show Savanna love and support. She was in such a happy mood all morning and was very excited that the day had finally come. I was a little worried about how the actual baptism would go. She is on the shy side and really doesn't like having all the attention on her. I was worried that she might be too nervous to enter the water with everyone watching. In the end, I had worried for nothing. She bounded into the water, all smiles! During a baptism the persons entire body has to be submerged, the first time she went under her cute little toes came out of the water. She came up smiling and turned around and sloshed toward the stairs. We had to call her back so James could perform the baptism again. This time he made sure she went all the way under. After the baptism I helped her change into her dress. She was a little cold and was shivering. I wrapped some towels around her and just held her tight, rubbing her arms trying to warm her up. I kept telling her how proud I was of her. The service ended with Savanna being confirmed a member of the church and receiving the Gift of the Holy Ghost. This is a special blessing given by her father. The spirit was felt so strongly during the entire day.  Eleven years ago James baptized me and now he has baptized our daughter. I have such a wonderful husband and family. I am so blessed. Perhaps the best thing about the baptism was the phone call I got from my mom a few days later. She told me that she really had a wonderful time at the baptism and that she felt a strong feeling of peace and could see how happy Savanna was. My mom is not a member of my church, but I know she felt the spirit that day and that means the world to me.

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