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Monday, March 31, 2014

What's Been Up

Time to update the blog! This little cutie turned 4!

For Avery's Birthday we went to see The Lego Movie! Uncle Charles joined us and we all laughed the whole time. Good movie!
One day this dog followed us around. It was just wandering the neighborhood and followed us as we rode to and from school all three times. On our final trip home from school the kids named him Pinkachoo. They were riding their bikes screaming "Pinkachoo! Pinkachoo!" He played with us in the front yard for a bit and was snuggling up to the kids. Miles asked if we could take a picture of him so we could remember the day we had a dog. He was kind of cute, he reminded me of my mom's old dog Moe. Pinkachoo played for a bit then got distracted and ran off. We never saw him again.
James built this incredible shelf for our playroom. It displays all the monster trucks the kids have in their collection. James is such a good daddy!
Savanna loves to read! James got the kids headlamps for Christmas and Savanna reads every night before bed. Here she is reading Sideways Stories From Wayside School. Remember those books? I loved them when I was young. I love that my kids are bookworms.

The girls love to play beauty shop and one day Avery tried on my glasses :)

Its starting to get warm again, yay! Miles spent one Sunday afternoon covering the back patio with a giant Ninja Turtle mural. He is really into sidewalk chalk. Savanna showed off her skills on the playground one sunny Saturday afternoon.
And finally: Miles and I took a selfie :)

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