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Monday, May 9, 2016

Mother's Day

Last week on the radio I heard that a pole was taken of what a mom really wants for Mother's Day. The winner: alone time. I very much have to disagree! The thought of spending Mother's Day alone makes me so sad! This weekend was so special and fun because not only was it Mother's Day but also my birthday. Having my birthday fall so near to Mother's Day every year is so fun! I feel extra extra special and milk it for all it's worth, its true, I do. I thought about what I wanted to do for this very special weekend and all I wanted was to spend it with my family. We all went to the gym together, out to eat together, to church together, built Lego's together, ate some more, and it was awesome! I'll have alone time some other day, like this fall when all three of my kids are in school all day. How in the world did that happen already?! Anyway...

Every year on Mother's day I think about all the mothers in my life. My own mother who made sure I always knew how loved I was. My mother-in-law who welcomed me with open arms right from the start. My grandmother who taught me how important it is to cherish every moment in life. My sisters-in-law, the Aunts to my children, who have all helped me mother my own children and shared their sweet little ones with me. All of the many friends, teachers, coaches and neighbors who have played the part of mother to me and my kids over the years. Thank you for loving me and my kids. Thank you for stepping in to help and teach when I couldn't do it. Thank you for sharing your successes and failures as a mom. I love being able to talk about what challenges we face as mom's and how we are dealing with them, and the many joys of motherhood and how truly blessed we are.

This weekend I also got to visit with James's brother and his wife who have 6 week old twins. They waited a long time for those babies and it's so wonderful to see them as parents. Snuggling my little niece and talking with her parents brought back so many memories of early motherhood. I never had two at once, so it's not quite the same I know, but I remember all those things that they are going through right now. Feedings, diaper changes, gassy tummies, sleeping (or lack thereof rather), and the fact that the usual 4 hour drive from their home to James's parents home took 7 1/2 hours with two babies in tow. I remember being a new mom, being utterly exhausted but somehow able to stay awake and do it all anyway. I'm so excited for my sister-in-law and the crazy adventure she just hopped on. Motherhood is an amazing thing, it changes you in ways you could have never imagined. It is the hardest, most wonderful job in the world but it's so much more than that. It's no wonder that when you need advice or help one of the first people you think of is your own mother. I hope I am doing a good job and I strive to be even better each day so my kids will call me when they're grown up and somehow I can help. I hope everyone had an amazing Mother's Day!

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