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Monday, April 11, 2011


Spring has been slow coming around here, the last week has been so rainy and wet. We are going absolutely crazy being inside for so many months! It is always a challenge to find activities to do indoors that all the kids will be happy doing and I try really hard to give them something to do other than movies and computer. They have been really into pirates lately so, on this rainy day, we played pirates! We made eye patches and pirate hats out of construction paper and elastic and they loved them! We also made a treasure map and I set up everything that I put on the map throughout the house. The marble machine is the pirate ship because the knob you turn to start the marbles looks like the steering wheel (if that's what it is called) of a boat. Savanna made a pirate flag and taped it to the ship. We hung a blue blanket over a door to make the waterfall, a little plastic crocodile sitting on the couch was crocodile river, a pile of brown blankets in the hallway was the mud pits. I hid a box of change under a pillow and put a paper X on it for the treasure. I think they had fun! Avery did have a hat but she ripped it off in 5 seconds, so no pictures of her. A fun rainy day activity for sure!

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