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Monday, April 4, 2011


We again had a few wonderfully warm days and we took advantage of it. We went on bike/scooter rides, Savanna tried out her new skates in the church parking lot, and covered the drive way with murals in chalk. I was inspired by the warmth to expedite my birthday present. I wanted to get a swing set for our backyard for my birthday (which is in May), but I convinced James that this weekend would be a great time to get it. We would be home for conference so James would have time to put it together and the weather would be perfect for it. So we went Saturday night and bought it and woke up the next morning to 7 INCHES OF SNOW! There was so much, that a few big branches broke off our tree in the back from the weight. Didn't I mention in a previous post that I would cry when we had a snow storm in April? Yeah, so I didn't cry but it was pretty disappointing. However, my champion of a husband went out in the snow and spent 5 hours building the swing set for us! He is amazing! I love him! Our kids love him! He is the best! We stayed in most of the day Sunday but the kids could hardly wait to get out there Monday morning and play.
This weekend was also General Conference. Ever since I joined the church I have watched conference and James and I have had the opportunity to attend conference in SLC several times. But for some reason it seems like this was the first time that I really heard what was being said and it all seemed really relevant to my life. It was really nice to listen and feel the spirit. Good weekend.

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