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Friday, July 22, 2011

My Pirate Birsday!!

Miles just turned 3! Miles has been into pirates lately so we decided on a pirate party! We have been talking about it for months. We had been talking about it so much that one day Miles told me, "Mom, my birsday is July 21st and I am having a pirate birsday." It's always birsday, never birthday. We had the party at the new park here that has a splash pad and a fun playground. The one thing they don't have there is shade, it was so hot, but I think everyone had fun anyway. I know Miles did! He was such a good boy all day, so happy and excited! I can't believe he is 3! To me it actually almost seems like he is older! Miles was only 10 months old when I found out I was pregnant with Avery. This was not a planned pregnancy and I pretty much freaked out. I feel like I missed a huge chunk of Miles' babyhood because when the news of Avery came, I pushed Miles to grow up fast. I was terrified to have two babies! This is something I regret because I almost don't remember that year or so of his life. Poor Miles, I'm a terrible Mom! Maybe I made it up to him with an awesome party? I try to remember to slow down and enjoy all my kids everyday. I love Miles, he is the goofiest, sweetest little boy! My parents gave him a slip n' slide and he didn't really know what it was when he opened it. Finally he exclaimed, "I got my very own river!" So cute. Happy Birthday Miles!

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