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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Savanna Starting School

I love summer and I hate winter. I am so glad it's summer, but it is going way too fast! I have already mentioned my anxiousness about Savanna starting school, and I think that has a lot to do with why I feel this summer is just slipping away from us. I am trying to make each day count before my little five year old leaves me! Okay, it's not like she is going to Japan for ten years, I need to relax. Do all moms go through this when their first child starts school? Some moms I know are so excited for school to start. They can't wait for their kids to be out of their hair but I feel different. I quit my job about three weeks before Savanna was born and I have not had a job since. My kids have never been to day care, they are always with me. This is a huge blessing and something we (James) have worked really hard for. It feels so strange to turn my daughter over to people I don't know five days a week. I know it is something that almost all kids go through. I did, of course, and I am excited for Savanna to have the experience of school but I do have some reservations. I don't like not knowing what she is doing and how people are treating her. I hope that we have done a good enough job with her so that she will be able to stand up for herself and know what is appropriate and what is not. I know that my Heavenly Father gave me these children and has entrusted me to raise them, teach them, and protect them. I feel like sending them away at such a young age is well, almost wrong. As I read this I know it may sound a bit extreme. I mean, it's only kindergarten! I think I just need it to begin so I can see how normal and good school is, but I also don't want it to begin at all. Summer forever! I love my kids, I love being a mom and I hope I am doing an okay job. I am sure I will be the one crying on the first day of school.


  1. I'm not a mom, so I don't know how you feel. However, I am a teacher and I feel blessed to be a part of so many children's lives. If you want to know what her class is like, then try to volunteer there once a week or every other week. I know it is hard with having 2 little ones at home, but it is worth getting a babysitter. I really like getting to know the moms that volunteer, and I believe they like getting to know their child's teacher. It might make you feel better. Okay, I think that is all I have to say on that.

  2. I agree with your friend Melissa, it is great to volunteer in the classroom it's a little peek into their new world. And it makes them feel so improtant to have their mom come. If you want to switch babysitting so I can go with Joseph sometimes and you can go with Savanna, I'm all for it! And it is hard, but it's so great to see them come home all bubbly with what they learned and their new friends and all their fun stories. It's amazing to watch them grow into their own. But sad to watch them grow big...being a mom is full of contradictions!