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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Time Well Spent

I was talking to my mom recently and she was saying how important it was to make memories with your family. She said, "Do your kids remember what they got for Christmas last year? Or their birthday? No, but Savanna is still talking about the time we all went to the zoo together. (which was before Miles was born!)" She said that the toys and stuff they collect won't mean nearly as much to them as the things we did and the time we spent together. I haven't had the best attitude about Savanna starting school this fall, and there really is no reason for this except that I am so sad that she will be away from me and that my kids are growing up so fast! I felt like since this is the last summer we have before "real" school begins, I really wanted to make it a summer to remember. While we can't vacation all over the world, or even make to the swimming pool each week, my kids are happiest just playing in the backyard. I've said it before but it's true, even though motherhood makes me tired and stressed sometimes, I love it. I can't imagine doing anything else, that's why it scares me that they are growing up! What am I going to do when they are gone? I guess I will worry about that later, but for now I am enjoying this time well spent.

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  1. It is great to build memories with them. They might not remember every day that they played in the backyard, but they will remember that they did it often. They will also remember that their mom was right there with them having fun!