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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

So Proud!

Savanna's preschool sends home these cute certificates each time she passes off a skill. Some of the skills she had down way before preschool such as colors, shapes, letters, numbers 1-10, etc. She did learn a lot at preschool too, like right from left, memorizing her address and phone number and a bunch of others. Today she brought home this certificate, and I was so proud! I have been working with her to get her reading before kindergarten and I think she is well on her way. The school started sending home pre-primer readers for her to work on at home. I can see her progression with each book, how she recognizes the sight words and can sound words out much quicker. Today she read one of the books for her teacher and got her certificate! I was so excited for her! Learning to read opens up a whole new world and because she loves to be read to, I think she be so happy to be able to read herself. We have also been working on BOB Books and she is already through the first set! I have ordered 2 Summer Bridge work books, one for Savanna and one for Miles and I am so excited to work with them this summer! Learning is fun!

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  1. Some of my favorite memories with my mom are when we played school. She gave me workbooks and I loved it! Learning is fun!